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WS Rent-A-Car offers WS Lease Rental Program that tailors specifically to the requirements of its customers. Its rates are inclusive of service maintenance charges, road tax, insurance premium, and government tax.

WS Lease Rental Program is structured based on the residual value basis, and it also offers an option to its customers (if required by the customer) the option to purchase the vehicle(s) at the end of the lease term. 

WS Lease Rental Program offers its customers the following benefits of off-balancing sheet financing, low capital outlay, easy budgeting & cashflow projection, no residual value risk on the hirer, no inflation risk, hassle - free service maintenance, administration, and no disposal required. For futher details on the benefits are as follows:


1. Low Capital Outlay
Requires only one advance lease rental deposit payment and a minimal prepaid lease rental payment to commence the lease rental program, thus the customer has only to begin with a low capital outlay.

2. Off Balance Sheet Financing
WS Lease Rental Program provides off-balance sheet financing for vehicle(s). Being an off-balance sheet item, the leased vehicle will not affect the customer's assessment on the return of fixed assets employed.

3. Easy Budgeting & Cashflow Projection
WS Lease Rental Program offers lease rental that is fixed throughout the lease term, which can be structured to the customer's requirement to suit its budget and cashflow.

Rental Estimate
The rate showed above include car insurance (Theft&CDW), exclude 6% GST and Non-waiver Damage Excess.

4. No Inflationary Cost Risk on Hirer
With WS Lease Rental Program, the lease rental is inclusive of normal service maintenance charges over the lease term. In the event that there is an increase in cost of service maintenance, due to inflation before the expiry of the lease term, any additional cost of maintenance will not affect the lease rental rate, as WS Lease Rental Program assumes the risks and absorb any increase of cost.

5. No Residual Value Risk on Hirer
With WS Lease Rental Program, the lease rental is computed based on residual value basis. The customer will be given the first option of purchasing or not to purchase the leased vehicle, upon the expiry of the lease rental. If the customer does not want to purchase the lease rental vehicle, the lease vehicle will be returned to WS fleet. At the end of the lease term, whether or not the residual value can be realized upon disposal, the risk will be borne by WS Rent-A-Car and not by the customer.

6. Hassle-Free Maintenance Administration
With WS Lease Rental Program, it is the responsibility of WS Rent-A-Car to maintain the service maintenance records of the leased vehicle(s). The customer is relieved from such administrative requirements.

7. Hassle-Free Disposition
At the expiry of the lease renta, the customer has the option to purchase the lease vehicle however, if the customer does not want to purchase the vehicle, the vehicle will be returned to WS Rent-A-Car. Thus, relieving the customer from any responsibilities of having to source for buyers.

8. Other Hassle-Free Areas
a. WS Lease Rental Program lease rates are inclusive of insurance and road tax charges, which is the onus of WS Rent-A-Car to ensure that the insurance and road tax of the lease vehicle(s) are promptly renewed. Thus, the customer is relieved from any responsibilities of such administrative hassles.
b. In the event of any unfortunate situation of emergency breakdown or accident, WS Rent-A-Car has engaged the Kurnia Auto Assist 24hrs Breakdown Service to assists its customers.
c. With WS Lease Rental Program, during the event of any inspection or service maintenances required to be conducted on the lease rental vehicle, WS wil always provide the customer with a replacement vehicle to utilize until the lease rental vehicle is returned to the customer. Thus, at all times, the customer will always have a vehicle to utilize.

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